Hii, My name is Maripaz


I am a full time photographer based in Southwest Florida. I’m in love with all things elegant, retro, fashion, and documenting that is a chance to support you to express your individuality. Photography will always be something I'll never stop loving.

a bit about me

I have always loved taking photos ever since elementary school. I was the kid that was weirdly obsessed going through magazines and family photo albums. My photography passion continued through high school when I got my first camera and I have been in love ever since. It’s my priority to make sure every session is unique to my clients and help people feel comfortable in their own skin. I will always give it the very best that I can give


I will always love spending my nights at home cuddling with my cats Luna and Haze catching up on watching Gilmore Girls, indie films, rom coms and any Studio Ghibli film.

I'm obsessed with pasta, matcha lattes, sushi and taking trips to the Asian Market to restock on noodles.

You'll find me at your nearest thrift store collecting all things vintage such clothing pieces, bags and accessories that allow me to express myself through fashion.

Music is one my biggest inspirations, Collecting vinyls and organizing playlists is my love language. I listen to a variety of music, but all time favorites are Lana Del Ray, Kali Uchis, Childish Gambino, Frank Ocean, Thee Sacred Souls, & Tyler the Creator

I am the youngest of 3, only girl.

I live for walks downtown, it’s where I find my most inspiration with all the architecture and human connection.

I am a nature and floral lover. It’s where I find peace and joy and being able to share memories with people in it is incredible to me. I feel so honored to be given the chance to not only develop images but memories that can last forever.